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Exceeding the limits of their initial purpose – providing for safety and comfort of walking the stairs – the handrails and handholds have long been an indispensable element of décor in the interior as well as the exterior design in the modern architecture. In view of the large variety of materials used for erection of the staircases themselves, beginning from various kinds of wood and up to marble, one should take into consideration the materials from which the handrails are made when choosing them.
Handrails and handholds made from stainless steel look most harmoniously and presentably matching any material of the staircase itself. The polished, grinded or mat surfaces of the stainless steel are not subject to corrosion, they are resistant to any kind of mechanical impact, stable and durable. Products made from this material need no painting, they are hygienic and need no additional maintenance during their use.
Protective railing from stainless steel can transform not only the interior of any premises, but also the appearance of the external staircases, and the warranted life time of the handrails and handholds made from this material makes tens of years.
Yet along with the said advantages, this material has one major drawback: the stainless steel is an expensive material.
Handrails and handholds made from carbon steel with subsequent polymeric powder spraying are more budget-friendly. Common rolled ferrous metal is used for manufacturing such handrails and handholds (rounds, squares, strips, round and shaped tubes). Availability of a large variety of original materials belonging to rolled ferrous metals provides for more possibilities for the fantasy of a designer or a metal processing specialist, up to inclusion of elements of forging. When the structure is welded, polymeric coating is applied on the surface. The polymeric protective coating considerably increases the resistance of the metal to corrosion extending its lifetime.
Combined application of the elements made from rolled ferrous metals with mat or shining polymeric coating and polished stainless steel provides for very interesting design solutions. Their combined application makes it possible not only to add contrast in the interior of staircases but also to reduce considerably the cost of the structure on the whole.