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steel fence

A fence is an indispensable part of any structures such as a private house, an industrial building or a social object. Apart from its principal function – restriction of assess to the fenced territory, the fences as an architectural solution are often a continuation of the design of the object on the whole.
During the history of the building technologies fences were manufactured from stone, brick and concrete. Coming of modern, easily available, durable and inexpensive materials from metals enables to abandon in the process of their construction the use of bulky and expensive materials and the wood, which is less durable.
The rabitca fencemost reasonable by the price are the "transparent" fences made from the net pulled and fixed to metallic posts hammered into ground or concreted. Sectional fences are pre-manufactured sections with the frame made from metal-roll and the net pulled upon it fixed by welding or bolt connection to such posts. Use of nets from galvanized wire enables to construct fences with the lifetime of up to 30 years, and with additional polymeric coating – even longer.
 Another option of "transparent" fences are the sectional fences from rolled metal such as rounds, squares and strips. Both welded and forged, they require large budget, but at the same time, they look much more respectable, complementing the design solutions, for example, in elite homes building.
Relatively inexpensive fences, providing for not only protection from intruding, but also for protection from being observed from outside, are made from professional decking. Cold-rolled flat profile has high mechanical strength, it is easily and quickly mounted. The use of galvanized rolled metal considerably increases the durability of the structure, and in case of use of the professional decking with colored polymeric coating (one- or two-side), apart from solution of the problem of durability, aesthetic issues are addressed, too.
Construction of fences from professional decking is as simple as construction of fences from net, lags made from shaped tubes are installed between metallic posts, then shaped sheets are fixed to them using self-tapping screws.
Metal-roll (rounds, squares) is largely used for manufacturing any elements of metallic fences such as hoods for gates and wickets, locks, handles etc.